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Birthday Parties

Stress Free Birthday parties are our specialty.

Mom's and Dad's have enough stress in their lives without having more piled on top trying to organize the perfect Birthday Party for their children.  Let us take that stress off your plate.

Your Birthday Group will be hosted by one of our staff who will organize and equip the children, go over safety rules and oversee them the whole time they are at our facility. Our staff are here to make sure your party has everything they need, have fun and to answer any questions they (or you) may have.

Crossfire offers two options: 1) Low Impact and 2) Regular Impact.

Low impact
is ideal for inexperienced or younger players (age 8 and up), and Regular Impact is usually preferred for those who have played once or twice before, and are 10 years or over.

Crossfire has a picnic area with complimentary gas BBQ's for your groups use. You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks.

Every group has their own Crossfire referee who will host your party and assist with whatever your group needs.

BIRTHDAY SPECIAL: The birthday player receives a FREE pass to play again at Crossfire when they return another day. A $17.25 value, absolutely FREE! (Limited time offer)

We also have private shelters available for special party use. Call us to discuss your parties specific needs.

Check out our party package below:

Birthday Group Package

Price $27.00/person

Minimum Group Size 6 people

Minimum Age 8+ years

10+ People Discount $5.00 off each person if you have 10 or more paying players

Deposit Required No

Personal Host Yes

Target Range Yes

Paintballs 100 paintballs each

Private Party Area with own Barbecue No, however you will have access to shared picnic tables and free propane barbecues in our complex)

Marker (Gun) Upgrade No

Free Camo Jacket Rental No

Free Birthday T-Shirt No, though special Crossfire Tee shirts are available at extra cost ($14.95 - $19.95)

Tax (HST) is extra. Prices and offer subject to change without notice.


To reserve your child’s birthday party at Crossfire Adventure Paintball, we require a minimum group of six (6) players.

We realize plans may change for your invited guests requiring them to cancel. However, if you arrive at our facility the day of your event with less than 6 players in your party, you will still pay the BASIC PACKAGE fee for six players.

Call (902) 213-0867 to schedule a reservation time or email us at
[email protected]. Please have a preferred date and time in mind when you call. We will try our best to accommodate you! No deposit is required.


  • We are open rain or shine.
  • Please notify us at least 24 hours before your reserved playing time if you need to cancel.
  • You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks to our complex.

Save Save

Crossfire is now open weekends only (except by special reservation) 11am to 6pm.

Join Crossfire on Saturday, October 6th for our Big Game Event- Operation Overlord.

June 6th., 1944- The longest day.

Over 150,000 Allied troops begin landing on the coast of Normandy in the largest amphibious assault of the Second World War. Operation Overlord was the invasion that signaled the beginning of the end of The Second World War. Other operations followed-daring raids, strategic attacks and surprise counterattacks.
Join Crossfire Adventure Paintball Saturday, October 6 for a scenario day, recreating some of the key battles of the end of WW2. Operation Market Garden, the Battle of the Bulge and the Battle of Remegen are a few of the adventures taking place, including a full D-Day amphibious assault, and the final Battle of Berlin, encompassing 4 field maps in one huge game. Prizes, awards, and loads of fun await you, whichever side you choose.
Will the Allies triumph once again, or will the Axis have their revenge?

Age 16+.
Open class (magfed, pump, hopper, limited full auto), novice to experienced.
Registration begins 9am, day of. Admission $25 per player. Paintballs $25 a bag,
$80 a case. Field paint only.

Safety First:

Paintball is a very safe sport. In fact it is rated 'safer' than bowling by the National Injury Information Clearinghouse (US Consumer Product Safety Commission).

Persons under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign their Liability Form. You can bring the signed form with you on the day you play.

Crossfire adventure paintball is a fully insured facility and complies with all safety requirements: your safety is our first priority.

Staff has CPR & first aid training by
the Canadian Red Cross.

Sorry - No Players under 8 years of age, however ages 6 and 7 can use our shooting gallery. Players under 10 must use our 'low impact paintball' equipment.

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