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2018 Prices*

*all prices are per day plus taxes

  • Basic Package: [$27.00] (MagFed- $32.50)
  • entry (field) fee for full day
  • marker (Tippmann Custon 98 semi-auto/BT's/FT's)
  • unlimited HPA tank refills
  • mask
  • insurance
  • barrel blocker
  • team armband
  • 100 paintballs
  • Marker Upgrades: [$12.00]
    [choose from any
    of these cool guns]
  • Tippmann Alpha Black
  • Tippmann Salvo
  • Tippmann Cronus
  • Emery (50 cal.)
  • Tippmann A5 [$20.00]

  • Mask Upgrade: [$6.00]
  • Paintball Prices:
  • 100 paintballs [$11]
  • 250 paintballs [$25]
  • 500 paintballs [$45]
  • 1000 paintballs [$80]
  • 2,000 paintballs [$140]
Only paint purchased from Crossfire is the only paint allowed on our fields.

NOTE: Three fun choices for paintball-
In addition to regular paintball (68 caliber) Crossfire also offers "low impact paintball' (50 caliber) available for groups who have younger children; are beginners; or for anyone who wants to reduce the 'ouch' factor. Children as young as 8 years of age can now play safely.
These markers (guns) fire 100 feet per second less than our regular markers and use special ammunition which is smaller than regular paintball markers.

We now also offer MagFed paintball. Try the most realistic military experience there is. Instead of your paintballs being held in a hopper on top of the marker MagFed markers use a magazine that hold 18 paintballs and fits into the bottom of the marker just like a real weapon. When you run out of ammo in one magazine you remove it and pop in another. Totally realistic play.
Just let our staff know which kind of paintball you prefer when you arrive.


Players with their own equipment can play Crossfire's fields for $20 per person for the whole day. Proper face protection is required (full face mask for under 18 year old and sealed goggles for over 18 years).

We allow only eco-friendly bio BB's on our fields. No styrene BB's permitted.

Gun muzzle velocity is limited to 400 FPS (0.2 gram BB) and is strictly enforced (sniper, bolt action- 450 FPS).

  • Special Group Rates:
  • Birthdays: Choose from one of our three special Birthday Packages. see the "Birthday' button in our main menu for details.
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties: with 10 or more paying players the bachelor or bachelorette plays for FREE (basic package). Every player receives the special group rate of only $24 per player (a $3 savings per person).
  • Sports Teams, Church Groups, School Outings, Corporate Outings, Etc.
  • Groups of 10+ persons- deduct [$5] per person from basic package price.
  • For Special Events or for groups of more than 19 players additional discounts may be available. Please contact us directly to discuss. tel: (902) 213-0867

More About Special Group Rates >

  • Marker rentals are [$10]/day
    [basic markers]
  • Mask rentals are [$2]/day
  • Barrel blockers are required. Rentals are available for [$1] a day if you need one.
  • Membership: [$175.00]
  • Unlimited six-month entry fee (May-Oct)
  • 50% off your paintballs (5ยข per)
  • Unlimited air
  • Rental equipment, such as marker
    or mask, if needed, is extra.
  • Additional Equipment Rentals:
    [per day, plus tax]
  • Vest/Chest & Back protectors [$4]
  • Camo jacket [$2.50]
  • Camo pants [$2.50]
  • Camo jumpsuit [$5]
  • Full Harness with 6 pods [$5]
  • Pod belt with 4 pods to hold up to 500 paintballs [$2]
  • Neck guard [$2]
  • Sneaker/shoe rental [$4]
  • Gloves [$3]
  • Paint Grenades [$12]
  • Lockers for personal belongings [$5]

  • Kids ages 6 and up can use our shooting gallery (with staff supervision). Gun, mask air and 100 paintballs [$12]
  • Players with their own equipment: Players are welcome to bring their own equipment (mask, marker) and can play for [$12] (field fee). Price includes admission, armband, insurance, dog tag and tax. Paintballs extra.
  • HPA refills [Free all day]
  • Field paint only.

Note: Barrel blockers are required to play. Rentals are free if you need one.

Management reserves the right to combine smaller groups together when required.

Only paint purchased from Crossfire is allowed on our fields.

Gift Certificates available.

We accept Debit, VISA, MasterCard, and Cash

Consider Crossfire for your FUNDRAISING!


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Crossfire is now closed for the season. Thanks to all our customers for a terrific 2018. Hope to see you all again with new adventures in 2019.

Safety First:

Paintball is a very safe sport. In fact it is rated 'safer' than bowling by the National Injury Information Clearinghouse (US Consumer Product Safety Commission).

Persons under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign their Liability Form. You can bring the signed form with you on the day you play.

Crossfire adventure paintball is a fully insured facility and complies with all safety requirements: your safety is our first priority.

Staff has CPR & first aid training by
the Canadian Red Cross.

Sorry - No Players under 8 years of age, however ages 6 and 7 can use our shooting gallery. Players under 10 must use our 'low impact paintball' equipment.

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