Ideal for ages 10 and up. Regular paintball uses a .68 calibre semi-automatic marker (gun) offering optimum range and speed. This is as realistic and fun as the paintball experience gets.

Regular Paintball

Low Impact

Crossfire offers low impact paintball (50 caliber) for groups who have younger children, are beginners, or for anyone who wants to reduce the 'ouch' factor. Children as young as 8 years of age can play safely.

These markers (guns) fire 100 feet per second less than our regular markers and use special ammunition which is smaller than regular paintball markers.

Just let our staff know which kind of paintball you prefer when you arrive.

Low Impact
Bazooka Ball 1

Bazooka Ball


Now kids as young as 6 years can play safely. Bazooka Ball uses a soft “Nerf” type ball that doesn’t hurt at all. Players receive a marker (gun) with a special Bazooka Ball barrel, goggles, team vest, unlimited air and unlimited ammo. They also enjoy a private playing field.

Ideal for Birthday parties.


Players with their own Airsoft equipment can play any/all of Crossfire's fields. For ages 12 and up. Proper face protection is required (full face mask for under 18 year old and sealed goggles for over 18 years).

We allow only eco-friendly bio BB's on our fields. Styrene BB's are not permitted. Gun muzzle velocity is limited to 400 FPS (with a 0.2 gram BB) is strictly enforced (sniper, bolt action, 450 FPS).

Crossfire does not rent equipment for airsoft play. Players rent our venue but must supply their own guns, BB’s, etc.