Crossfire opens Saturday, May 1st for the 2021 season. Reservations are required. Book online (click our "Book Now" button); by email:; or by calling (902) 940-5409. See you soon!

As recommended by the Chief Public Health Office (CPHO), the following will be implemented until further notice: 

  • To control numbers on fields and allow for social distancing, reservations will now be required. You will select from one of three time blocks to play (9am to 12pm; 12:30pm to 3:30pm or 4pm to 7pm). 
  • All guests will be required to complete a CoVid screen questionnaire. 
  • Guests will be responsible for following CoVid protocols such as social distancing (6-foot demarcations provided in/around main building), limited touching of face, sneezing into elbow etc.
  • Staff will be supporting social distancing both on and off the fields. Staging areas have been re-organized to allow for social distancing.
  • We will be ramping up cleaning procedures in high traffic areas.  Hand sanitizer will be available. 
  • Sanitization of masks will occur after each use (as usual). Masks will not be placed back in rotation on the same day. 
  • All paintball markers (guns) will be sanitized between uses. 
  • As usual, all rental clothing will be washed following use. 
  • Glass shields have been installed in our office to provide another layer of protection between staff and guests


PEI's largest and most realistic Scenario Paintball arena is decked out with an authentic World War 2 atmosphere, antique military vehicles, & more than 60 detailed European-style buildings. If you've never played paintball, this is the place to start. If you're already a paintball veteran, you'll find Crossfire as fun and challenging as it gets.

Choose from Regular paintball, Low Impact paintball or our new Bazooka Ball.



New in 2021!

An assortment of props to add excitement and realism to scenario games. Play 'Domination' using electronic light-up team bases; rescue a downed pilot or defuse a realistic electronic bomb.

NIGHT GAMES- Crossfire will be running special weekend evening playing times for after dark fun on two of our fields. Markers (guns) have mag lights and players wear lite-up team colours. Battle through the lit woods and town to capture strategic bases but watch out for sensor lights. If you trip one of these you're toast.

Almost new:

Bazooka Ball

Now kids as young as 6 years can play safely. Bazooka Ball uses a soft “Nerf” type ball that doesn’t hurt at all. Players receive a marker (gun) with a special Bazooka Ball barrel, eye goggles, team vest, unlimited air and unlimited ammo. They also enjoy a private playing field. Ideal for Birthday parties or family events.

Our Facilities Include:

  • Eight different playing fields
  • Picnic Areas with BBQ
  • Observation/ Spectators area
  • Plenty of Parking
  • Washroom
  • Drinks and Snacks

Your entry fee covers:

  • 3 hours of play *
  • Unlimited air
  • Semi-automatic military-style gun
  • Team armband
  • 100 rounds of "ammo"
  • A mask

See our Prices page for more info...

* For Regular & Low Impact only.  Bazooka Ball is charged by the hour.
Crossfire completely sanitizes our masks and cleans equipment between use.

Play Crossfire Paintball

Crossfire opens Saturday, May 1st for the 2021 season. Reservations are required. Book online (click on our 'BOOK NOW' button); by email:; or by calling (902) 940-5409. See you soon!

Crossfire has to limit the number of players on the fields at all times to meet Health PEI's recommendations for fighting Covid-19.

Email us at: or call us at: (902) 940-5409 for information.



Eight action packed fields are available for play - Shooting Gallery, Bazooka Ball, D-Day Beach Landing,  Heartbreak Hill, The Town, Fuel Depot, The Trenches, The Gully and the newest, Bridgehead, featuring a 80' long, 16' high bridge linking four different fields. All fields are designed for heart-pounding capture-the-flag and mission based scenarios.