Our Covid-19 Measures


A Fun & Safe Experience

Crossfire Adventure Paintball is committed to providing our guests with a fun and safe experience at all times, but especially as we adapt to the “new normal”. That’s why, in compliance with the recommendations of the Chief Public Health Office (CPHO), we’ve implemented the following measures at our facilities:

  • Reservations are required.
  • Three play-time slots available weekends and two play-time slots available Monday to Friday with a maximum of 20 individuals per time slot.
  • All staff trained on COVID-19 protocols.
  • All guests required to complete COVID-19 Q&A screening and sign a waiver prior to playing our fields.
  • Anyone (guests or staff) experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or who have been in contact with individuals exposed to COVID-19 must stay at home.


  • Cleaning procedures have been ramped up, including regular disinfection of pin pads, door handles, tables, etc.
  • As per our usual protocol, sanitization of masks occurs after each use. As an additioanl precautionary measure, masks are removed from rotation for 72 hours after each use and sterlization.
  • All paintball markers (guns) are sanitized between uses.
  • As usual, all laundry items are washed following use.
  • Equipment is not to be shared. If you feel that your rental equipment has been compromised, please inform our staff and they will re-sanitize or replace your rental equipment.

Social Distancing

  • In accordance with CPHO guidelines, only 20 individuals are allowed on our fields per each time slot.
  • Clear demarcation is provided throughout our facilities.
  • Plexiglass shields have been installed in our office to provide an additional layer of protection between staff and guests.
  • Tables in staging areas have been adjusted to allow for social distancing.
  • Staff is responsible for ensuring guests follow social distancing rules on the fields and in staging areas.
  • Adequate hand sanitizer provided for guests.
  • As per CPHO guidelines, guests are responsible for following protocol such as social distancing, limited touching of face, sneezing into elbow, etc.